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Cassandra Giles

Cassandra “Casey” Giles was born and raised here in Windsor, Ontario and works as a professional senior 3D animator. She grew up with a clear passion for art and creating, rarely seen without a sketchpad in tow and always expanding her capabilities and mediums. As a teen, she attended watercolour painting classes with local artist, Julia Conlon, until starting school at St Clair College in the Tradigital Animation course.
Along with several other classmates, she was hired midway through her last semester of college by DHX Media (now Island of Misfits) in Halifax, Nova Scotia. After a few years out there, she migrated back to Ontario to continue her animation career with Snowball Studios and now at Mainframe Studios. Over the last 7 years, she has had a hand in making nearly a dozen TV shows, including popular franchises like, Inspector Gadget, Charlie’s Colorform City, Disney’s Fancy Nancy and Barbie.

Outside of work, Cassandra is an avid hobbyist artist, crafter and all around nerd. She spends her free time creating both traditional and digital art, crocheting, crafting, playing D&D,
Magic The Gathering, video games and board games.

You can find her on social media at:
And her website:

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