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Leonard Kirk

Leonard Kirk is an American-born comic book artist living in Canada. He has worked on such properties as Supergirl, JSA, Star Trek, Batman, and Witchblade. Currently Kirk is exclusively signed for Marvel Comics.

Kirk first broke into the comics field pencilling issue #5 of the Malibu Comics title Dinosaurs for Hire and issue #1 of Captain Canuck vol.2. He then went on to pencil Star Trek: Deep Space Nine comics for Malibu.

In 1997, he began a long association with DC Comics, beginning with a nearly 60-issue run on the Peter David written Supergirl series. 

Also at DC, Kirk lent his hand to, Aquaman, Detective Comics' "One Year Later" storyline.

In 2006, Kirk signed an exclusive deal with Marvel Comics. He has Marvel has proceeded to pencil Marvel Adventures: The Avengers (from issue #13 onwards), The Amazing Spider-Man Family, and a fill-in for the World War Hulk storyline in The Incredible Hulk #108.

Kirk has also provided the art for Captain Britain and MI: 13, X-Factor, Sabretooth, Fantastic Four, Squadron Supreme, and many other titles.


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