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RayGrey Cosplay

RayGreyCosplay has been a staple of the cosplay community for 10 years! She's been cosplaying since 2013 when she went to her first convention Fan Expo Canada.

She started her journey working with theatre costumes and sewing. Since then she gained skills in sewing, foam work, thermoplastics, resin casting and much more. She has taught a few classes and panels so others can learn about the types of tools and techniques.

Her favorite thing to do is to share her art and have fun at different photoshoots trying out daring moves in hopes of capturing the feel of the character, movie or video game she is trying to portray. Although cosplay is also for fun so sometimes she makes cute things like drink recipe videos or is seen at conventions just dancing and vibing in cosplay. 


you can find  her many adventures on her social media platforms: 





and you can catch her at work on a new projects at: 


Tik Tok:

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