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Carla Head Shot.jpg

Carla Homenick

Carla Homenick is a comic book model most notable for her likeness being the inspiration for the character, 'Carla Homicide', appearing in, 'The Conduit' comic book and newspaper comic strip. Carla is also the figure model for the upcoming comic book feature, 'Carla' (a special printing of, Carla #1, will be available at the Rose City Comic Convention) which consists of single page stream of consciousness musings.

After making a name for herself through regular appearances at underground clubs and art-house gatherings Carla established herself as a regular subject for many well-regarded fashion photographers. After the limited release showings of her photos, demand for Carla's appearances grew.

Carla also is an active artist. Her paintings and sculptures have been featured at galleries and events in Ontario.

Carla, in real life is an adventurer who doesn't stray far from her comic book identity. She too is a certified straight-razor specialist, an expert in utilizing unconventional weaponry. In 2013, Carla's exploits came to the notice of Tony Gray (Writer/Artist-Tales of the Incredible Conduit) and the two have worked together in bringing, 'Carla' to her very own comic book series. Carla regularly appears with at conventions in the U.S. and Canada promoting her comic book alter-egos.

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