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Doombringer Cosplay

A long time ago, in well… this galaxy, a girl fell in love with the idea of trying to become my favourite characters. As a kid playing heroes and villains was always on the top of things to do.

Chantelle went to her first Comic convention in 2007, in her first cosplay (Batgirl) and loved it. She had a couple good years, then life caught up with her and she finally returned with intent in 2019, met some amazingly talented and like-minded people and ran with it.

Presently she is working towards improving her skills, more intricate cosplay work and working to bring together the cosplay community. She is currently building up a business around it as her cosplay persona- @Doombringercosplay.

She makes everything from props to full cosplays. It brings her so much joy to help others reach their cosplay dreams. She work in 3d printing, worbla, foam and other mediums.


She is look forward to meeting you at the con!

Etsy: DoombringerCosplay - Etsy Canada

Instagram: Chantelle Wigle (@doombringercosplay) • Instagram photos and videos

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