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Lawrence Bayne

Lawrence Bayne, Toronto born Actor/VO/Singer/Writer got his start in the Pink Floyd video Learning To Fly - - And he hasn’t stopped since. Going on to recurring roles in Nikita, The Famous Jett Jackson, Strange Days at Blake Holsey High and dozens of guest appearances on shows including Murder She Wrote and many other episodics, winning a best supporting actor award for his work on Lakota Woman -siege at Wounded Knee. Lawrence has contributed many voices on Video games (Farcry/ Marvel Capcom/Streetfighter) and  Animated Series, Including Diabolik, X-Men TAS(Cable/Erik The Redd/Captain America/Fabian Cortez, and  X-Men ‘90 (Carl Denti The X-cutioner)  and is currently working  on Bakugan and Red Ketchup.  Lawrence was personally hired by Gene Simmons to supply the voice of his cartoon counterpart Rockzilla on the show My Dad The Rock Star.


His latest character voice is for the role of Stanley on the series Red Ketchup and a horror anthology The Red Iron Road which was showcased at TAAFI last February.

Voice Acting Roles (Television) WOMBATS - Shaman RED KETCHUP - Stanley/various BAKUGAN - Hanoj/Various X-MEN 97 - Carl Denti/X-Cutioner. X-MEN Animated Series: Cable, Erik the Red, Captain America, Fabian Cortez. DIABOLIK Animated Series: Diabolik. PRODUCING PARKER - Detective Crutch. NEVERENDING STORY - Shaman, Nightbreath. TALES FROM THE CRYPT KEEPER - Avenging Phantom, Death. GARGOYLES Animated Series - Raven, Assassin. THE ACCUSER - Kyle, Savitch. HIGHLANDER - Kortan. REDWALL - Fangburn, Kilconey, Shrew. MY DAD THE ROCK STAR - Rockzilla. MONSTER FORCE - Dr. Reed Crawley SPIDER RIDERS - Mantid. DI-GATA DEFENDERS - Nazmul. BEYBLADE - Zagart. MYTHIC WARRIORS - Hercules. DONKEY KONG COUNTRY - Inka Dinka Doo, Kritters. VIDEO GAMES: MARVEL VERSUS CAPCOM 2 - Cable, System Voice. STREET FIGHTER 3 - Gil, Urien Necro, Twelve. STARLINK - Rankor. FAR CRY 5 - Native Guide.

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